Scalable, Flexible and Mobile IT Solutions for Small Businesses.

Block Hours IT Support

We offer, at a discounted rate, technical support services in blocks of hours. Block hours can be used for a variety of services we provide. Your business will have access to our support center where assistance can be requested as needed.

  • No hardware monitoring
  • Minimum block of 4 hours
  • Increments of 4 hours
  • Upfront payment requiered
  • Discounted hourly rate up to 30%
  • Block of hours do not expire
  • You will get notification when your hours are running low
  • Free access to our support center
  • More hours you buy, the lower the cost of a single hour

Managed IT Support Services

We proactively manage your IT functions and assume responsibility for providing a defined set of services. SLA (Service of Level Agreement) required, which will define your plan's levels of service.

  • Flat monthly fee
  • Service includes hardware monitoring (routers, switches, servers)
  • Access to our support center included
  • Contractual agreement required

As-Needed IT Support Services

Do you need on-demand IT Support? We provide IT support on an as-needed basis, hourly rates vary.

  • No monthly fee - hourly rates apply
  • Hourly rates vary depending on the level of support needed
  • Free access to our support center

Disaster Recovery Services & Solutions

Contact us for a free initial consultation on the various levels of recovery available. How much is your data worth to you and is your data safe? Even if your business does not need IT support, we can still help you set up a solution that will protect your data.

  • We can monitor your backups to ensure they are taking place
  • We can set up local and or cloud based backups of your files
  • We can lease the hardware necessary to backup your files
  • Whole server virtualization available, it will ensure a speedy recovery in the event of a disaster

Network Security

We evaluate your Network Security. Are you sharing your WiFi with your business guests? If you have multiple locations, we can help you connect them via VPN(Virtual Private Network).

  • Free initial consultation
  • Sharing your main WiFi access is not ideal, you could be exposing your important files
  • Are you certain your employees are not abusing your network?
  • We provide content filtering (blocking unwanted domains)

Microsoft Office Suite Automation

If your business is not yet ready for a Web Application or a Windows Application, we are experts at writing code for Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, Access etc).

  • Free initial consultation
  • With code behind any Office Application, many functions can be automated making your tasks more efficient
  • Data from Excel or Access can be stored in a database, making reports and data research more efficient
  • Receiving e-mails with attachments daily and having to save the attachments? We can automate the task

Web Application Development

Do you manage 10s or 100s of Excel workbooks or a MS Access database? Would you like to simplify your processes? We can develop custom mobile optimized Web Applications.

  • Free initial consultation
  • Mobile optimized, access your data wherever you need it (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop)
  • Centralized access to data entry and reports
  • Many small businesses believe custom Web Applications are out of their budget

Windows Application Development

If your business requires a Windows Application, we can help you custom build a simple yet efficient application that will help you increase productivity.

  • Free initial consulation

Website Design

Not ready to pay full price for a full marketing company? We can develop your Website on any platform (Wordpress,Joomla, Drupal, etc).

  • Free initial consulation
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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